World of Warcraft Obtaining Darkmoon Trinkets

The Darkmoon Decks aren’t really an integral part of the Darkmoon Faire event. However, you can obtain the trinkets through the Crafting or Trading process, which is quite long and costly. It entirely depends on whether you’re centering around gathering the materials to craft the trinkets yourself or directly purchasing them.

The Decks that are from expansions and darkmoon faire locations; Cataclysm, Legion, Warlocks of Draenor, Mists of Pandaria, and the ones before that can be obtained. We won’t be getting into detail about that in this article, but the process of obtaining them is almost the same. The current cards are; Darkmoon Deck: Indomitable, Darkmoon Deck: Putrescence, Darkmoon Deck: Repose, and Darkmoon Deck: Voracity. If you want to obtain these cards, you will first need to purchase or craft the cards until you have a set of eight cards with you. Once that’s done, you can simply right-click any of the stocked cards to create a complete deck, which can be right-clicked again to develop a Trinket when you find the darkmoon faire locations.

There are a total of four sets for wow DMF, as mentioned above; The Putrescence, Indomitable, Repose, and Voracity, and each one of them is made of eight cards, which range from Ace to the number Eight. The mentioned cards are developed by the Darkmoon Card of Death, and you can learn the initial rank (Rank 1) at the Scribe Au’tehshi, located in Oribos (Inscription Level 80). When you use the ability, it starts to create a random card from a random set, providing you with a chance of 1 in 32 to obtain a specific card. You are required to have 12 Luminous Ink, 1 Tranquil Ink, 1 Dark Parchment, and 7 Umbral Ink to craft a card, and the higher your rank is, the lesser the cost will be of the materials that are necessary to craft Darkmoon Cards.

The Scribes in the Shadowlands for wow DMF can also craft random crafts from specified sets. For instance, Darkmoon Card: Putrescene can craft a random Darkmoon Card from the Putrescene deck, Darkmoon Card: Indomitable can craft a random Darkmoon Card from the Indomitable deck, Darkmoon Card: Repose can craft a random Darkmoon Card from the Repose deck, and Darkmoon Card: Voracity can craft a random Darkmoon Card from the Voracity deck.

The four sets of cards for wow darkmoon faire are the following – ACE: Ace of the Indomitable, Ace of Putrescence, Ace of Repose, and Ace of Voracity. TWO: Two of the Indomitable, Two of Putrescence, Two of Repose, and Two of Voracity. THREE: Three of the Indomitable, Three of Putrescence, Three of Repose, and Three of Voracity. FOUR: Four of the Indomitable, Four of Putrescence, Four of Repose, and Four of Voracity. FIVE: Five of the Indomitable, Five of Putrescence, Five of Repose, and Five of Voracity. SIX: Six of the Indomitable, Six of Putrescence, Six of Repose, and Six of Voracity. SEVEN: Seven of the Indomitable, Seven of Putrescence, Seven of Repose, and Seven of Voracity. Finally for wow tbc darkmoon faire, EIGHT: Eight of the Indomitable, Eight of Putrescence, Eight of Repose, and Eight of Voracity.

As mentioned earlier for wow darkmoon faire, once the set is completed, you can simply right-click it to create a deck, and then right-click again to develop it into the corresponding Trinket.