World of Warcraft Obtaining Darkmoon Trinkets

The Darkmoon Decks aren’t really an integral part of the Darkmoon Faire event. However, you can obtain the trinkets through the Crafting or Trading process, which is quite long and costly. It entirely depends on whether you’re centering around gathering the materials to craft the trinkets yourself or directly purchasing them.

The Decks that are from expansions and darkmoon faire locations; Cataclysm, Legion, Warlocks of Draenor, Mists of Pandaria, and the ones before that can be obtained. We won’t be getting into detail about that in this article, but the process of obtaining them is almost the same. The current cards are; Darkmoon Deck: Indomitable, Darkmoon Deck: Putrescence, Darkmoon Deck: Repose, and Darkmoon Deck: Voracity. If you want to obtain these cards, you will first need to purchase or craft the cards until you have a set of eight cards with you. Once that’s done, you can simply right-click any of the stocked cards to create a complete deck, which can be right-clicked again to develop a Trinket when you find the darkmoon faire locations.

There are a total of four sets for wow DMF, as mentioned above; The Putrescence, Indomitable, Repose, and Voracity, and each one of them is made of eight cards, which range from Ace to the number Eight. The mentioned cards are developed by the Darkmoon Card of Death, and you can learn the initial rank (Rank 1) at the Scribe Au’tehshi, located in Oribos (Inscription Level 80). When you use the ability, it starts to create a random card from a random set, providing you with a chance of 1 in 32 to obtain a specific card. You are required to have 12 Luminous Ink, 1 Tranquil Ink, 1 Dark Parchment, and 7 Umbral Ink to craft a card, and the higher your rank is, the lesser the cost will be of the materials that are necessary to craft Darkmoon Cards.

The Scribes in the Shadowlands for wow DMF can also craft random crafts from specified sets. For instance, Darkmoon Card: Putrescene can craft a random Darkmoon Card from the Putrescene deck, Darkmoon Card: Indomitable can craft a random Darkmoon Card from the Indomitable deck, Darkmoon Card: Repose can craft a random Darkmoon Card from the Repose deck, and Darkmoon Card: Voracity can craft a random Darkmoon Card from the Voracity deck.

The four sets of cards for wow darkmoon faire are the following – ACE: Ace of the Indomitable, Ace of Putrescence, Ace of Repose, and Ace of Voracity. TWO: Two of the Indomitable, Two of Putrescence, Two of Repose, and Two of Voracity. THREE: Three of the Indomitable, Three of Putrescence, Three of Repose, and Three of Voracity. FOUR: Four of the Indomitable, Four of Putrescence, Four of Repose, and Four of Voracity. FIVE: Five of the Indomitable, Five of Putrescence, Five of Repose, and Five of Voracity. SIX: Six of the Indomitable, Six of Putrescence, Six of Repose, and Six of Voracity. SEVEN: Seven of the Indomitable, Seven of Putrescence, Seven of Repose, and Seven of Voracity. Finally for wow tbc darkmoon faire, EIGHT: Eight of the Indomitable, Eight of Putrescence, Eight of Repose, and Eight of Voracity.

As mentioned earlier for wow darkmoon faire, once the set is completed, you can simply right-click it to create a deck, and then right-click again to develop it into the corresponding Trinket.

World of Warcraft: Playing as a “Noob”

I never understood the appeal of multiplayer role-playing games. When I played World of Warcraft for free for a month years ago, it seemed slightly redundant. The game involved leveling up skills in order to accomplish unspecified objectives in order to level up skills. It seemed to involve a continuous cycle that, in the end, never really accomplished anything. I was told that raids were what the game was really about. But it seemed like too trouble to get to that level.

At the start of an MMORPG like World of Warcraft, there is often a character selection screen. When I first played WoW, I saw a list of classes to choose from with little instruction on what they actually did. As a result, I obviously wanted the class with the best-sounding name, the death knight, which seemed like the obvious choice. Death knights would clearly be able to kill anything in their way. But apparently, there was some crazy requirement for even choosing that class. So after playing a while on a human character, I managed to get myself killed. That’s when I actually looked at a guide on how to play the game.

The guide I looked at literally contained hundreds of pages on World of Warcraft, including a huge number on simply selecting a class. I skimmed over it a bit and decided that death knights weren’t actually as great as they first sounded. But then there was something on being a mage as opposed to a hunter that was utterly confusing. I gave up on the guide and tried to play the game.

The first thing I noticed about other players in the game was that many were quite unpleasant. Other characters would approach me and say something to the effect of, “hey n00b let me show you my money$.” I wanted to show them my enormous stash of money in return, but I didn’t have any. I could only shake my fist at my computer screen. There is, as expected, a low number of players who actually are willing to help newcomers. Being the unlucky guy that I am, I didn’t find any of those people who could have saved my MMORPG experience.

After a few days of performing mind-numbing tasks over and over again, I realized it was like homework. Only instead of sitting at my desk writing an essay, I was sitting at my desk clicking a few pixels on the screen over and over. Instead of clicking on the game anymore, I pulled up the menu and hit “uninstall.”

World of Warcraft: Entering Wintergrasp at Any Level

Wintergrasp is the only non instanced full battle ground in all of World of Warcraft. It is nestled between the mountains of Icecrown, Sholizar Basin and the Dragon Blight on the continent of North Rend. The rules for Wintergrasp access have recently changed. The zone has changed from passive blockading of low level characters to an active expulsion. When the zone switches to an active battleground everyone under level 75 is expelled to a place in the mountains of ice crown.
Although there are restrictions on the battle for Wintergrasp now, the zone itself is still accessible in between battles. There are flight points for both factions and vendors with a handful of items even a level 1 can use. These items usually require stone keeper shards so would have to be purchased by a high enough level alternate character on your account. The best time to go to Wintergrasp is about 10 minutes after your faction wins it because most of the combat has died down and you will be able to run around the fortress a bit longer before an 80 notices you.

Now to get to Wintergrasp at a low level you might as well just run there dead. It may seem like a dumb idea, but by running there dead you avoid all the monsters and enemies. You can resurrect in Wintergrasp via the Battleground Spirit Guide without additional penalty and you will remain in Wintergrasp. You will know that you are standing near your factions spirit guide because aside from mouse over labeling, they will pop up a confirmation box with a time between 1 and 30 seconds to automatically resurrect.

The path to take depends on your race partly. Starting with humans you just go down to Storm Wind harbor and jump on the ship to Valiance Keep. From Valiance Keep you run north through Borean Tundra towards Sholizar Basin. If you die just stay dead and finish the trip as a ghost. Part of the trip requires you to be dead. You have to be a ghost to use the spectral flying mount to cross the mountains into Wintergrasp. Go through the pass into Sholizar Basin and continue north to the very top of Sholizar Basin. If you are west of the Avalanche then head east until you can access the snow covered slope that will allow you to walk over the mountains. If you are not dead when you arrive at the Avalanche you need to kill yourself. Make sure you are not in the Avalanche when you die because you are automatically resurrected and prevented from corpse hopping up the slope. As a ghost run up the Avalanche until you near the crest of the mountain and you will suddenly find yourself riding a spectral flying mount. This is how you get into Wintergrasp itself.

While riding the spectral mount fly east until you reach Icecrown Citidel then head south towards Wintergrasp Fortress. There is a small pavilion in the back of the fortress with a spirit guide in it. The pavilion is what you are aiming for. as soon as you cross from Icecrown into Wintergrasp you will lose your gryphon so make sure you hit the fortress or your in for a lot more walking. If you make the descent properly and are at the spirit guide simply wait 30 seconds right next to him and you will be resurrected and have full run of the fortress whether the walls are up or not. He is located roughly at the center of the back wall of Wintergrasp Fortress. If you missed the fortress you will need to walk to one of the other spirit guides for your faction. The grave yards change hands with whoever controls Wintergrasp so if you are on the winning team along with the fortress you should be able to use all but the opposing factions landing camp graveyard. just right click any spirit guide of your faction and ask him to guide you to the fortress graveyard and you will be able to get in that way. If you can’t figure out how to get up to the spirit guides look for the pillar of light near them. It is a ghost transporter.

For all other alliance races you will only have to take a boat or tram to Storm Wind and pick up the human path from there. For the horde, you need to take the zeppelin system to Borean Tundra then head north mirroring the human path from there.

Runescape: Best F2p Mining Training

Mining is a repetitive and fairly slow skill to train, especially for free players. Not only that, but it is often difficult to find a good location to train at because mining spots are often very crowded. The dwarven mines have many ore rocks and coal rocks to mine, but they are usually overcrowded with other players. The best mining area for fast experience is known as the “Hobgoblin Mine”. It is never crowded, because it is located in level 38 Wilderness, where you are in danger of being attacked by other players. It is recommended to have a combat level of at least 60 before trying this mining area. Also, if you would prefer to see a video format of this guide, it can be found here.
Getting to the Hobgoblin Mine can be a challenging feat if you plan on running through the wilderness. It is best to start in Lumbridge. Use the bank in the castle to withdraw 25 mining urns if you choose to do so – they provide a 20% boost to mining experience and they are they will last around an hour before banking again. After withdrawing the mining urns, leave the castle and go to the boat location in River Lum. Craft a “waka” and choose to row it to the wilderness. You will arrive in the fairly deep wilderness, and the hobgoblin mine is merely a straight run to the West.

The Hobgoblin mine is large, and there are many level 28 hobgoblins roaming the area. They will be aggressive for approximately ten minutes, and over that period of time that can do a considerable amount of damage, so avoid combat as much as possible. Heavy armor, such as rune, is effective at blocking most attacks, but it is a costly risk to bring into the wilderness. In the Northeastern part of the mine, there is a high concentration of iron ore rocks. These rocks also provide a small amount of protection from Hobgoblin attacks.

The technique is to mine the four iron rocks in the area, and to drop an ore from your inventory directly after a rock is mined. With practice, this cycle can be performed very quickly, and eventually you can work up to an impressive 55,000 mining experience per hour. When you run out of urns, simply run south to level 20 wilderness, cast the “home teleport” spell, and repeat. Banking trips can be done in under three minutes, making it worthwhile to take the bank trip for more urns. The only downside of this method is that the ores cannot be kept, but the lack of competition makes it well worth trying.

Super Columbine Massacre RPG by Danny Ledone

Danny Ledonne is not a video game developer by profession; he’s an independent filmmaker. His small production company’s biggest business is editing together people’s weddings. Yet the 27-year-old Colorado native may well be recognized in the annals of video game history as one of the early proponents of video games as an art form. And he did it without any game development experience in six months.
The game is Super Columbine Massacre RPG!, which as one might establish from the title, is a role-playing game in which players take control of gunmen Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold and act out the 1999 shootings which led to the deaths of 13 at Columbine High School. School shootings are a touchy matter at best, and so it’s not that surprising that after gaining some mentions in 2005 and 2006 the game exploded into the mainstream press. As you might expect, the reporters never bothered to actually play the game, and rushed to call it an abomination, or wish ill tidings on the game’s creator. In actually, the game is much tamer than anyone who has ever played a first-person shooter would expect. The graphics are rendered in Super Nintendo-esque 16-bit graphics, circa 1993 (not the near photo-realistic graphics of AAA game titles from 2005). Battle screens take the player into combat with unarmed cliches of high schoolers–there’s the preppy girls, the jocks, and the teachers; all the people the gunmen professed to hate for their bullying. After committing suicide, the adventure continues in hell, where Klebold and Harris fight enemies from their favorite game, Doom, and get congratulated for their acts by Satan himself (rendered in South Park style).

On the surface, there’s plenty that seems tasteless, but as many have argued, SCMRPG does approach art (in as much subjectiveness as art is measured.) By putting players in the shoes of the gunmen, players are confronted with choices they would never have in real life. Flashbacks offer a window into the shooter’s lives and their motivations. At the same time, the game parodies the video game genre itself and the supposed connections Doom and violent video games had to causing the shootings (for an analysis of this and other supposed video game violence-fueled acts, see my paper on the subject.)

That isn’t to say I don’t agree with aspects of the work. A more realistic first-person shooter based game with the same premise would have a greater emotional impact on players, although such a game was beyond Ledonne’s talents or budget, and would invariably have attracted more fire for realistic depictions of murder. The second half of the game is much more esoteric and prone to misinterpretation by non-video game players as glorifying the shooters. But the core message of the game is clear; archival photos of the gunmen’s blood-soaked corpses makes it clear that killing others is not a celebratory act, and despite the graphics and tinny sound the amount of time Ledonne spent researching the shootings makes SCMRPG more real than a surface look would give.

Of course, there is controversy to make a statement, and controversy for the sake of creating controversy. After the 2007 Virginia Tech shootings another game developer made a simplistic video game about the killings and essentially held players hostage, saying he would take down the game in exchange for $3000 in donations. That’s not an authentic artistic statement. But while I may not agree with the final product, Ledonne’s purpose of using the video game medium to explore our societal problems should be lauded as brave and trailblazing.

~For a full article on the game, see Wikipedia’s entry on Super Columbine Massacre.

Is World of Warcraft Destroying the MMORPG Genre?

With well over 8 million subscribers World of Warcraft or WoW is easily the most popular MMORPG ever produced. But is it destroying the MMO industry as a whole? WoW has definitely had a wide ranging effect on the online gaming industry from Star Wars: Galaxies “NGE” update, that basically destroyed that game, to Lord of the Rings Online being very similar in game play (although I think LOTRO is a by far better game). Are we all doomed to play games designed for the absolute lowest common denominator? What happened to games created for mature, intelligent players?
There are still a few online games that require brain power and have long term goals as a focus like Eve Online and Vanguard: Saga of Hero’s (which has its own issues at the moment), however most MMO’s have become little more than Chutes amp; Ladders or Candy Land. Sadly this trend is not likely to end until WoW starts to decline in subscribership and judging by the trend over the last 6 months, that’s not likely soon enough.

What truly disappoints me is the lack of innovation in the current game designs. Understandably MMORPG’s cost massive amounts of money to produce, which limits the amount of unproven designs that a company is willing to place in such an expensive product. However, I think that today’s designers are actually screwing themselves out of one of the best opportunities in the industry. Even having 8 million subscribers, WoW has to have a pretty good turnover of subscriptions, what that means is that there has to be a fairly good amount of people that quit WoW on a regular basis. These people are looking for something more challenging that can keep them interested. I liken this to moving from Candy Land to Monopoly. Trying to beat WoW at its own game is a futile effort; no one quits a game to play the same game with a different name. Knowing what comes after WoW is the real question they should ask themselves.

So, what does come after World of Warcraft? That is the question that many have asked sense this entire sensation began over two years ago. And there are many different games currently in development. Age of Conan and Warhammer Online both look very impressive as a successor to the MMO throne currently held by WoW. Pirates of the Burning Sea has a very different theme that looks like it’s worth a shot. Gods amp; Hero’s looks like an impressive new offering from SOE. All of these could potentially be the “WoW Killer”, but we’ll have to wait and see.